A national crisis

Pakistan has the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia.

1 in 9

Pakistani women are at high risk for developing breast cancer.


Breast cancer cases are detected at stage 3 and stage 4 at Pakistan's major cancer hospitals.


Lives lost to breast cancer in Pakistan, 2014-15.

Normal outside. Revolutionary inside.

Learn about the bra that saves lives.

Bra pockets

Due to the lack of pockets in shalwar kameez, a common behavior exists within our target audience: they keep their money in their bra. Therefore, we equipped The Pink Bra with pockets to make our product attractive to their specific needs, opening the conversation to breast cancer through a small daily ritual.

Tactile testing guides

Strategically placed tactile guides on the insides of both bra pockets use special raised printing techniques to create a self-test opportunity every time women use the pockets of the bra.

Easy-to-understand diagrams

Designed to be suitable for local sensibilities, we created detailed illustrations on the inside of the bra that make it simple for women - even those who are illiterate - to understand how to perform self-examinations. The most essential exercises are outlined through the abstract illustration style.

Expert-designed with medical oversight

We worked with a top illustrator, bra manufacturer, retailers, and numerous other stakeholders to develop the perfect designs, all under the oversight of one of Pakistan's leading breast cancer experts, Doctor Rufina Soomroo.

Help, just a call away

We made sure that women who find any signs of cancer are not left alone to deal with the consequences. Whenever they find something, they can call a number dedicated to providing free guidance on how to test, get free or reduced-cost treatment, and ensure issues like finances, transportation and literacy don't get in the way of cancer detection.

Sustainable fundraising model

We developed a sustainable model whereby donations for the bra will continue funding the creation of more bras. By increasing the cost of purchasing a bra to give to someone, we can ensure that others who don't have someone as generous as you in their lives can also recieve one, and that the production cycle can continue reliably.

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